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Educational Psych Testing in Plantation

When a student begins to struggle in school a psycho-educational evaluation can help pinpoint the causes of academic dissatisfaction. Dr. Helene Schwartz-Cohenand her associates provide psych testing in Plantation for the diagnosis of learning disorders. A child with a central auditory processing disorder or attention deficit disorder is not lacking intelligence. He or she simply requires learning tools that help meet their unique learning styles based

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Court Ordered Psychological Evaluation

A court ordered psychological evaluation is required to determine the severity of a specific mental health concern or to determine an individual’s capacity for adequate functioning. This evaluation may be ordered due to a previous disturbance at work, school, or home. A psychological evaluation or testing may be administered for personality testing, parenting ability, or career readiness. The evaluation results can help an individual to make

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Plantation Therapist Helps Teens Cope with Stress at School

Teens of this generation are faced with a variety of obstacles at school, home, friendships, and romantic relationships. Teen and young adolescents experience a range of thoughts, feelings, and emotions as they transition from children to adults. Responsibilities and the pressure to be successful increase. Stress escalates this mix of emotions and can lead to relationship conflicts and behavioral issues. Adolescent and Teen Therapy can help

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Counseling Psychology Plantation

Counseling can help people to overcome obstacles in their life in the areas of relationships, career, or other personal goals. When life challenges repeat themselves and you feel that you are in a rut, counseling can provide insight, understanding, and solutions to specified concerns. Dr. Helene Schwartz-Cohen is a licensed Plantation psychologist who provides counseling services for children, adolescents, and adults. She provides teen counseling, couples

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Couples Therapy Plantation

Relationships can be complex as two people from separate backgrounds join. A difference in opinions, values, and point of views can create friction in the relationship. Couples that find themselves in reoccurring conflict can find guidance, support, and solutions with couples counseling. Counseling helps a couple to stop destructive patterns of interaction and strengthen their communication skills. Couples therapy is available at all levels of the

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Teen Counseling Plantation

As children become teens, they experience a variety of changes in their body, mood, thoughts, and feelings. Teens begin to draw away from the family and search for greater independence. Arguments may stir easily as teens become defiant. Though these are typical challenges that teens and their families face there are a great deal of experiences that can lead a teen to depression, drug or alcohol

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Family Counseling Plantation

The family relationship is like no other. It influences all members of the unit. When families begin to experience destructive patterns of interaction family counseling can be a solution. Family counseling enables family members to address and modify obstacles. It teaches family members how to improve communication and avoid arguments. Family counseling can be a solution for more effective problem resolution. Plantation Family therapy can help

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Raising Kids

When it comes to raising kids every parent wants a child who will become self-disciplined and happy. Many parents wonder how to accomplish that goal. Luckily, researchers know a lot of the answers. Research studies have been studying children from the time they are born until adulthood for decades. The following are the five most important things researchers know. Children need a secure attachment with at

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Meaningful Relationships Can Help Us Succeed

A new study gives us an important view on successful relationships. In the past, research has revealed that persons with supportive and rewarding relationships have healthier mental health, greater levels of subjective well-being, and lower rates of morbidity and mortality. The work explores the way by which relationships offer two types of support: source of strength (SOS) support, and relational catalyst (RC) support. Psychologists Drs. Brooke

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Communicating Anger

It is easy to resort to being passive aggressive or overly aggressive when trying to handle anger or frustration. More often than not, dealing with anger the wrong way can negatively impact your relationship with loved ones. The key to lasting relationships is to communicate anger without coming off as hostile or passive aggressive. Here are some tools that will help with your approach in communicating

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