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Couples Therapy Plantation

Couples Therapy Plantation

Relationships can be complex as two people from separate backgrounds join. A difference in opinions, values, and point of views can create friction in the relationship. Couples that find themselves in reoccurring conflict can find guidance, support, and solutions with couples counseling. Counseling helps a couple to stop destructive patterns of interaction and strengthen their communication skills. Couples therapy is available at all levels of the relationship. Pre-marriage, marriage, and divorcing couples can seek therapy from professional couples therapist Dr. Helene Schwartz-Cohen. She provides couples counseling from her Plantation office. Couples can work towards resolving conflict, be assertive without being offensive, and deepen their understanding of their significant other. Dr. Schwartz-Cohen will mediate any conflict and provide objective feedback to help the couple improve their relationship.
Dr. Schwartz-Cohen provides a combination of individual and co-joint sessions for the couple. Joint sessions enable the counselor to meet with both individuals of the couple. The couple can share and discuss their concerns, perspectives, and fears as a couple and separately. This enables Dr. Schwartz-Cohen to provide beneficial solutions to help improve communication and resolve conflicts. Couples and marriage therapy can help couples to understand conflict triggers and help them learn positive methods for avoiding arguments and frustration. Couples can express their needs and feelings in a neutral environment.
Couples therapy can help partners discuss heated topics such as finances, parenting, infidelity, or other continual concerns in order to resolve these issues and reconnect as a couple. Couples counseling combines methods such as role-playing exercises and honest, forthright discussions to help couples to better understand one another in order to achieve a happier, healthier relationship.

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