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Couples & Marriage Therapy

Couples & Marriage Therapy

Marriage therapy otherwise referred to as couples counseling or couples therapy, is an effective approach to treatment when the well being of a relationship is compromised by problems of communication and by the influence of unresolved conflicts. In counseling, couples are taught to understand particular triggers to deeper underlying issues. In order to be able to work more directly and productively together, it is important couples express their needs and feelings. It is also a main goal to teach couples to respond to one another in a more caring and compassionate way. In counseling, the couple is encouraged to explore their respective beliefs and expectations. It is also important for the couple to explore each partners expectations for their marriage which in some way may be contributing to the difficulties they are experiencing. Couples counseling can significantly alter conflicts through improved communication (a learned skill). In learning this skill of improved communication, we teach ways to avoid escalation of conflict which can often lead to unproductive, and unnecessary damage to the relationship.

Couples & Marriage Therapy

Couples and marriage therapy is a safe place to help facilitate communication between you and your partner. Therapy typically consists of face to face meetings between the counselor and both individuals of the couple. We also routinely meet with each individual member of the couple for private 1:1 sessions to explore each partners personal history and desires for change. The therapy typically combines both individual and co-joint sessions. The initial session (traditionally 90-120 minutes) is considered an assessment of the couple, where we will be looking at the presenting concerns in context of the relationship. Often it is necessary to have follow up meetings individually so each member may explore individual concerns, perspectives, fears and styles of communication as well as desired changes.

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