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Educational Psych Testing in Plantation

Educational Psych Testing in Plantation

When a student begins to struggle in school a psycho-educational evaluation can help pinpoint the causes of academic dissatisfaction. Dr. Helene Schwartz-Cohenand her associates provide psych testing in Plantation for the diagnosis of learning disorders. A child with a central auditory processing disorder or attention deficit disorder is not lacking intelligence. He or she simply requires learning tools that help meet their unique learning styles based on his or her learning strengths and weaknesses.

Plantation Psycho-educational Evaluations

Dr. Schwartz-Cohen provides psycho-educational testing from her Plantation, Florida office. These tests include evaluations for cognitive ability (IQ), Cognitive processing (language, visual, reading, etc.), academic skill (reading, math, language), and emotional and behavioral function. Once a student’s learning abilities are tested, solutions can be recommended for helping them to strengthen areas of weakness and improve academically. These tests can also help students that require special accommodations succeed in school. A student may be eligible for special accommodations in testing such as SAT’s, ACT’s, or AP exams. Once a student receives the guidance and support they need they can flourish.

Diagnosing Learning Disabilities with Psycho-educational Testing

When a student, especially young children begin to struggle in school it can be easy for a parent or teacher to think that the student is not putting forth enough effort. However, it may be that the student has a learning disability or attention disorder.Dr. Schwartz-Cohen also provides testing services for the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorder, as well as gifted IQ testing. A gifted child may have poor academic grades due to boredom. IQ testing can help ensure that gifted students are challenged for their development. Psychological testing in Plantation can be scheduled on the Therapy-testing website by completing the contact form online.

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