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Working together

Working together

Working together is something people struggle with every day in society. Over the decades, people have begun to slip deeper into their own little worlds. With the electronic world rapidly evolving, it makes it easier to keep to yourself. Beginning in the ’70s an annual survey began to show a stead decline in concern for the larger community and the environment, while self-regard and materialism have escalated. Researchers have been wondering what could alter these trajectories. The apparent answer? A massive economic downturn.Patricia M. Greenfiled has hypothesized that in harder economic times, people have to work together to survive. It’s an adaptive response that needs to take place. As young people enter adulthood, they tend to be the age group most affected by large-scale social changes. Greenfield and her colleagues analyzed the response of thousands of American twelfth-graders to questions about helping others, protecting environment, the importance of money and possession, and positive self views. The findings show that communal spirit did increase during an economic crisis.

Working Together

According to the dictionary, collaboration, is the action of working with someone to produce or create something. Collaboration is becoming increasingly important as we become more connected around the world. It allows skills to be pooled in order to make projects or work more successful than it might otherwise be. More so than ever, this generation is becoming more independent as they rely heavily on social media and the internet. As the world changes and we become more technologically advanced, we should always remember to work together. I think we would all be surprised how many new things we can learn each day by simply lending a hand or listening to someone else’s ideas. Give it a try! Make an effort to learn three new things from someone else today.

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