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Toxic Relationships

Toxic Relationships

The following are some warning signs of a toxic relationship. Some relationships will show a couple warning signs from time to time but if its several warning signs all the time it may be time to reevaluate the relationship.

Toxic Relationship warning signs

1. Cheating

2. Calling each other crazy. This shows you are not willing to listen to the other person’s point of view because you see it as irrational.

3. Cutting off friends. If your partner doesn’t support your friends and tries to cut them off.

4. You don’t rely on each other for emotional support, instead you turn to others for help.

5. Your partner makes you feel stupid or that they are smarter.

6. You partner doesn’t respect when you say no to something.

7. You partner only sees you as good for one thing. Whether its for your looks or money.

8. You don’t feel like you positively influence each other.

9. You know of many ways your partner negatively influences you.

10. Your partner doesn’t make you feel good about your body.

11. You have broken up on numerous occasions.

12. You are ashamed by the way you act with each other.

13. You partner is dismissive of your emotions.

14. Your partner involves you in unethical or illegal activities.

15. You don’t feel as good as you did before you started dating.

16. It is hard to get your partners attention. They are always at work or on their phone.

17. Your partner mocks you.

18. Your partner doesn’t support you or seem interested when you experience success.

19. You can’t confide in your partner.

20. Your partner makes jokes about leaving you in the future.

21. When you’re not physically together it feels out of sight.

22. You tell your partner its done my way or ill be done.

23. You’re not sure how reliable your partner would be when you really need them.

24. You blame your partner for the things not going right in your life.

25. Your partner judges the things you do.

26. You and your partner refuse to talk about important topics, such as finances or children.

27. You don’t think your partner would make a good parent.

28. Your life together feels out of control.

29. You can’t think of any ways in which you and your partner make a great team.

30. Your partner charges expensive things without going to you about it.

31. You catch your partner lying repeatedly.

32. Your partner goes out and doesn’t tell where they are going.

33. Your worry your partner might do something terrible.

34. You feel trapped.

35. You get defensive quickly and can’t admit your partner has valid points.

36. You blame each other.

37. You’re very critical of each other and you never feel good enough.

38. Your partner bad mouths about you to their friends.

39. You find yourself lying to your friends because you’re ashamed of your partner’s behavior.

40. You feel lonely when you’re together.

41. You rate your partner on a scale of 1-10 less than 5 on qualities like warmth, trustworthiness, and dependability.

42. You don’t make compromises for each other.

43. There is lack of affection in your relationship.

44. Your partner is coercive when it comes to sex.

45. Your partner sees themselves as having a much higher value than you.

46. Your partner keeps you at arms length.

47. Your partner compares you to other people.

48. When you argue, you give threats to get your way.

49. You think of other people you would rather be in a relationship with.

50. Relationship violence.

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