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Teens with Eating Disorders

Teens with Eating Disorders

Help is Available for Teens with Eating Disorders

Media from television advertisements to celebrity images in magazines has sparked a firestorm of body image distortion. Teens see images of “perfect” bodies and they feel pressured to obtain this desired physical appearance. Combine this body image pressure with stress, bullying, depression, or other concerns and a teen can easily fall victim to an eating disorder. Bulimia, Anorexia, and Binge eating are not willful acts, but acts of helplessness and pain. An eating disorder is a coping mechanism that is used to deal with unpleasant thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Left untreated an eating disorder can be fatal. Dr. Helene Schwartz-Cohen, Psy D. is a licensed clinical psychologist that provides teen and adolescent therapy from a private practice in Plantation, Florida. Dr. Schwartz-Cohen has experience helping teens to understand and change self-destructive behaviors, learn healthy coping techniques, as well as improve their body image and self-esteem.

Teen Counseling for Addiction

Addiction is different from one individual to another. A person can be addicted to food, exercise, alcohol, etc. Plantation therapist Dr. Schwartz-Cohen has experience helping teens to overcome negative patterns of behavior and reclaim their lives and health. They can repair their relationship with food transforming it from an abusive substance into nutrition. Teen therapy provides a secure and comfortable environment without judgment. Teens can express themselves and receive education about coping skills. Teens can come to understand body image distortion and the difference between actual self and ideal self. They can learn to stop negative self-criticism and discover their personal strengths to move forward with a healthy body image and improved mental health.

Help for Teens with Eating Disorders

Life experiences as well as social and peer pressure can cause stress and anxiety in a young persons life. How they cope with this stress is vital to their health and well-being. Teen therapy can help teens learn to cope with stressors and reduce/manage stress in a healthy more positive way. Teen therapy from Plantation therapist Dr. Helene Schwartz-Cohen is available by appointment. Please call (954) 577-0075 or complete the online contact request form. Help is just a phone call away! For more information about Plantation therapist for eating disorders.

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