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Overcoming Defeat

Overcoming Defeat

Assuming that we humans have control over our interpretation of defeat, let’s look at these 7 winning strategies:

Take a page from the politician’s playbook, and admit that it hurts.

You don’t have to pretend that you don’t mind losing. OneOvercoming Defeat- Plantation Psychological Associates of the most truthful statements a politician can make is to admit that winning is better than losing.

Learn from the experience of losing and then find ways to prevent it in the future.

What was it that led to your loss? Was it a simple lack of strength or was there something you could’ve done differently? If you take this pragmatic, problem-oriented approach, then you may come out better prepared the next time.

Understand, then manage, your emotions.

It is possible that by letting things fester, you may be more easily brought down by defeat.

Recognize that not everyone can always be the winner.

Accept that someone is always going to be the one to lose and you can’t win them all.

Don’t torment yourself with the “what if’s.”

Presidential candidates, as shown in the CNN special, may spend anywhere from days to decades mulling over how the outcome might have been different if they hadn’t made a debate gaffe. Regret is great if it helps you become a better person. Regret that can’t undo what’s been done has no point.

Congratulate the winner.

It’s not only gracious, but self-preserving to put the defeat behind you by letting the other person know that he or she won fair and square. Like the defeated politician, you may end up getting an invitation to be on that person’s team.

Lastly, find other ways to feel good about yourself. You, however, can move on and find ways to console yourself by focusing on activities at which you feel successful.

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