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Keep Busy Keep Happy

Keep Busy Keep Happy

Individuals who keep busy are happier than those who do not. According to research done at the University of Chicago and Shanghai Jiaotong University. Researchers conclude that the desire to avoid the boredom and depression associated with idleness is a significant motivator. Factors such as the need to earn a living or help others were considered before this though.

Volunteers completed a survey and then wait 15 minutes until the next survey was ready. Participants had the choice of returning the completed survey at a nearby location and doing nothing until the 15 minutes had elapsed or using a more distant point, walking to which would use up the time. Both delivery locations offered candy. Happier participants avoided idleness and chose the further location.

Happiness is found while out engaging in the world. Your mind is not left to be idle and fall into self-destructive behaviors. If you are in a depression, it is always best to get out and do something to elevate your mood. Sitting inside and letting it consume you is counterproductive. Find a hobby or activity to engage in to lift your spirits!

Results showed that if the same candy was offered at both locations, participants were more likely to choose the nearer option. However, if the candies were different, participants were more likely to choose the more distant location. Researchers suggest this was because they were able to identify a reason for the trip. They conclude that using the principle that people like being busy and being able to justify it could have wider application.

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