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Improve Your Mood Quickly

Improve Your Mood Quickly

Smile and laugh.

Even if you have to force yourself to smile, learn ways to smile while talking to people. This helps by making you more approachable and the interactions will help improve your mood quickly. Laughing is another way to improve your mood quickly. Go on YouTube, search for videos that make you laugh or watch a stand-up comedian.

Go out for a lunch or dinner date.

Call up family members, friends or colleagues and plan a couple of lunch or dinner dates. Having something to look forward to can help improve your mood quickly.

Practice mindfulness.

Learn ways not to dwell so much on the past and the future. Worrying about things you can not control really waste precious hours of your life. Learn to think about something positive and peaceful instead.

Splurge and eat some dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate that is higher than 70% cocoa has been shown to lower the stress hormones in your body. By eating dark chocolate you can reduce levels of anxiety.

Drink hot or ice green tea.

Tea contains theanine, which has been shown to help calm your body.

Ask questions.

Learn to ask questions and become interested in other people’s lives. By doing this you can help alleviate your depression.

Compliment others.

When you compliment something, it not only improves their mood but it helps improve yours as well. Find ways to say something nice to people throughout the day.

Avoid negative people.

Negativity becomes infectious if you are around it too much. If you hang out with someone who is grumpy and depressed all the time it will rub off on you. Seek out people who are cheerful and pass their positive energy to you.

Break down long-term goals into smaller goals.

Learn to set some goals for the day of the week. When you reach your goals, you get a sense of closure that will help improve your mood.

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