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Immigration Evaluations

Immigration Evaluations

Psychological evaluations are intended to provide a structured, organized, and succinct description of current psychological functioning including cognitive abilities and emotional experience. Psychological evaluation offers insight as to the severity of a particular disturbance and of the capacity for adequate functioning. It is a formal and structured way of gathering objective information about a person for the purpose of making decisions and sorting out questions about the particular child, adolescent, or adult. In addition, a psychological evaluation may be used to confirm or modify the impressions formed by referring therapists or educators through less structured interactions in therapy or in the classroom. A comprehensive evaluation can identify needs in therapy, highlight issues that may come up in treatment, recommend particular forms of intervention, and offer guidance about potential outcomes of treatment.

An immigration evaluation is a type of psychological assessment provided when one faces deportation. This type of assessment is used to demonstrate the psychological and emotional hardship one would face if they were deported. The evaluation can also be provided for family members if the deportation would cause hardship to the family.

What is included in an Immigration Evaluation?

An immigration evaluation includes an interview by a psychologist trained in assessing emotional difficulties and mental health disorders. The psychologist may request that you complete testing in order to best evaluate current or future emotional distress. These tests are designed to examine personality, emotional distress, and mental health disorders.

Who Needs an Immigration Evaluation?

Immigration evaluations and assessments are used in cases of potential deportation. The assessments can help demonstrate to the court cases of extreme hardship, need for political asylum, and instances of domestic or spousal abuse. The court examines the potential impact on mental health and psychological functioning in each of these instances, and a professional assessment by a trained evaluator could assist the individual case.

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