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How to Have a Successful Marriage

How to Have a Successful Marriage

The following are some tips to creating a successful marriage:

1. Apologize when you are wrong: The most important thing you can let go in a relationship is pride. Learn to admit you are wrong and apologize.
2. Laugh more: Learn to laugh at yourself and each other. Joke around and have fun.

3. Arrange weekly meetings: Between work and kids it is often hard to appreciate each other and have time together. Have weekly date nights and keep the spark going. Just because you have each other does not mean you need to stop showing the other person you care about them.

4. Talk about the little things: Bottom line, the more you talk the more you learn. We tend to only discuss the big things, learn to discuss the little things too.

5. Have your own life: It is unhealthy to be together 24/7. Have your own group of friend and hobbies. Never lose yourself in the relationship.

6. Remember to thank the other person: Two words can go a long way. Let each other know you appreciate everything you do.

7. Stop yelling: Fights happen, but learn to talk through them and explain how you feel.
Hold hands: Sometimes the simple act of touching one another can help show you care.

8. Say “I love you:” This is a decision and commitment you made to one another. There will be days you won’t feel this toward your spouse but remind each other that it’s a conscious decision that you’re choosing to make.

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