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Does My Teenager Need Help?

Does My Teenager Need Help?

It is very common for a teen to go through emotional ups and downs. Life begins to feel overwhelming and social pressures start to take over. Many teens may not understand the feelings they are experiencing. It is important for parents to stay connected with their child so they can notice any changes that indicate their child may need help.

Below are some ways to tell if your teenager may need help from a psychologist

Mood Swings: Some mood swings are a normal part of being a teenager. So how do you tell if your child’s mood swings are indicative of a more serious problem? You know your child, trust that you can recognize a mood shift that is out of character for your son or daughter.
Consequences in school and among friends: How is your child preforming in school? If they are having trouble concentrating or withdrawing from friends, it may be time to bring them to see someone.
Self-Medicating: Is your child partaking in dangerous behaviors to help them feel better? Watch for indicators of drug or alcohol use, self-harm, eating disorders, or other forms of escape.
Behavioral Changes: As your child matures, their behavior will begin to change. If you feel that your son or daughter is a completely different person to you, this may indicate that something else is going on.
Physical Symptoms: Does your son or daughter experience headaches, backaches, frequent stomachaches, changes in eating and sleeping, decreased energy, and neglect of personal appearance and hygiene? This can be an indication that something else is going on.

If you child is showing any of these signs we are here to help! With appropriate assessment, identification, and intervention we can take a step in the right direction to help your child.

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