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Controlling Unwanted Emotions

Controlling Unwanted Emotions

Emotions take part of our every day lives. Whether you’re laughing with your friends or frustrated in traffic. These highs and lows or emotions throughout the day affect your well-being. Finding effective ways to regulate these emotions affects how you’re perceived by the people around you. If you react inappropriately to a situation, you are likely to get strange looks from the people around you.Certain emotional responses require no particular regulation. If the reaction of emotions is appropriate and helps you feel better, there is no need to worry about changing the way you handle these emotions. If you find your reactions are not appropriate or do not make you feel better, try finding ways to calm yourself down.Calming yourself down may be more easily said than done for some people. if your reactions tend to fly of the handle and everyone around you can hear you, you emotions could be costing you important relationships, your job, and even your health.The good news is you can handle most of the work involved in regulating your own emotions. Prepare yourself ahead of time by doing the following things:

1. Select the situation. Avoid situations that trigger unwanted emotions. For example if you tend to get angry when you are in a hurry, plan ahead and don’t leave things for the last minute.

2. Modify the situation. This allows you to reduce disappointment. If you are hoping for something perfect all the time and it goes wrong, you may be left feeling angry and hurt. Modify situations for controlling unwanted emotions by finding ways to complete tasks successfully and reasonably.

3. Shift your attentional focus. Learn to focus on and be confident about your abilities. Don’t let others make you feel inferior. Focus on what you’re doing, and in the process, you’ll eventually gain some of the strength you desire.

4. Change your thoughts. At the core of our deepest emotions are the beliefs that drive them. By learning ways to change your thoughts and find positivity with each situation it will change the way it affects you. By changing these thoughts you may not be able to change situations but you can at least change the way you think the situation is affecting you.

5. Change your response. Learn ways to control your response. Take deep breaths and close your eyes to calm yourself down. Learn ways to keep yourself composed when you are angry and keep neutral face.

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