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Art Diminishes Stress

Art Diminishes Stress

Everyone deals with stress sometimes. Dealing with disappointments and problems is a normal part of life that we handle by developing coping mechanisms. But too much stress without coping skills can negatively affect your health and prevent you from living a fulfilling daily life. Science suggests that art might be one way to kick stress to the curb.

Researchers at Drexel’s College of Nursing and Health Professions hypothesized that doing free form art therapy could act as a stress-relieving outlet for participants. Results showed that after creating for just forty-five minutes, three out of four participants showed lower levels of stress.

Further, the researchers had some surprises in their findings. Researchers foresaw individuals with previous art skills would have the greater decrease in stress. Researchers found no correlation between previous skill and reduction in stress. Basically anyone that participated regardless of experience benefited from art.

Getting involved in some sort of art project can help exponentially with life stress. Also you can use the time after work or school to wind down. There is a sense of accomplishment and purpose when you are creating something with your own two hands. Additionally, use art as a means of bonding with friends, family and loved ones. Maybe plan a fun outing with your friends to go paint on canvas or take a pottery class to learn a new skill and increase creativity. Keep your hands and mind busy. This allows for a break from the stress of life and can be beneficial to many.

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