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The Negatives of Positive Thinking

The negatives of positive thinking , seeing the glass half full is natural for some and nearly impossible for others. A recent study has shown that reappraising the meaning of a badsituation may backfire for habitual worriers. This study was accomplished by showing woman a series of negative photographs. An Electroencephalogram (EEG) was used to record and monitor the participants responses. Participants were informed that a

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OCD Genetics

A common misconception in the media and general public is that poor parenting or eccentric quirky preferences on the part of some individuals are the causes of OCD. While some aspects of OCD do involve learned behavior, it is becoming increasingly clear that OCD has strong biological and genetic influences. In fact, earlier this week the Nature Publishing Group journal Molecular Psychiatry released the results of

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Why We Worry

Every day we’re faced with problems we need to resolve and deal with. Sometimes little ones, sometimes big ones. It’s a basic fact of life that life needs dealing with! Many of us are happy to turn our minds to these problems – “Why is there no coffee in the house?” “Why isn’t my internet connection working?” “Why am I stuck in a traffic jam?” Note

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Kids Chores Allowance

“No chores necessary. Children are simply given money (usually weekly) and are either free to do what they want with it, or they must allocate it in specific ways. Lieber gives his seven year old daughter $3 weekly, but she is free to spend only $1. Of the remaining $2, one must go into a savings jar and the other must go into a “give jar

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“In order to emerge from our loneliness we have to do several things, all of which involve taking a leap of faith in one form or another. 1. Take initiative. If you’re socially isolated, consider volunteering, doing community service, or an activity you enjoy, as these are good ways to meet people. In addition, try going through your phone and email address books as well as

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Therapist in Plantation Florida

Therapy is proven to be beneficial for improving a variety of life conflicts. Therapy can help couples to resolve conflict and strengthen their relationships. It can help improve the connection of teens and their families. It can help people improve their self-esteem, combat eating disorders, or over come the challenges of a mental illness. Dr. Helene Schwartz-Cohen provides couples and marriage therapy, individual counseling, adolescent/teen therapy,

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Body Image Problems

It can be difficult for teens and adolescents to adjust to mind and body changes of puberty. Body Image Problems & Bodily changes such as weight gain, breast, and muscular growth can have a direct impact on a teens self image. A teen may see them as fat, too thin, too short, or focus on a body area (nose, breasts, etc.) that they dislike. When these

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Plantation Addiction Counselor

Plantation Addiction Counselor helps Those Interested in Change Addiction can occur quickly or develop slowly over time. An individual may begin to abuse alcohol or drugs as well as sex, gambling, shopping, and Internet use. When a person spends the majority of their time performing these activities, thinking about these activities, and it begins to cause conflict in an individual’s life; help from a professional addiction

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Teens with Eating Disorders

Help is Available for Teens with Eating Disorders Media from television advertisements to celebrity images in magazines has sparked a firestorm of body image distortion. Teens see images of “perfect” bodies and they feel pressured to obtain this desired physical appearance. Combine this body image pressure with stress, bullying, depression, or other concerns and a teen can easily fall victim to an eating disorder. Bulimia, Anorexia,

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